Quantum Analytics Skill-Up Program

Pyrolysis GC-MS Training Course

The Woodlands, TX | April 23 - 25, 2024

Tasked with using a Frontier pyrolysis system? This course is for you!

Our Pyrolysis-GC/MS training course is a 3-day program delivered at our application lab and training center in The Woodlands, Texas. This training course is designed to help new and existing users build their expertise with their Frontier pyrolyzer system. Trainees will walk away with solid technique knowledge and the instrument skillset needed to properly use and maintain a Frontier pyrolysis system.

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What you'll learn:

  • Using a hands-on approach, you’ll learn proper pyrolyzer operation and maintenance procedures and best practices.
  • Discover how to run samples under various modes of operation with the theory to back up your approach.
  • Plus, become an F-Search super user through a workshop, with the opportunity to interpret the samples you run yourself.


You will be joined by instructors with backgrounds in applications and lab work, the polymer industry, as well as instrument service and maintenance.

This course is for professionals looking to achieve pyrolysis, mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography proficiency.